Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship all around the world, just make sure you enter the right address during check out. Usually it takes between 15-25 days to ship around the world. 

What currency are your prices in?
All prices are stated in USD, you will also be charged in USD via Paypal.

Why is carbon fiber so cool?
It's one of the world's most advanced materials. Simultaneously stronger and lighter than steel and aluminium, it is commonly used in advanced applications such as Formula 1 and Aerospace, where stiffness and lightweight properties are paramount. 

Why do you sell these?
Once a extremely expensive and difficult to produce, the material has now become commercialised and thus more accessible. We want to bring this brilliant material into the hands of everyday people and not just the elite. 

Why are they so expensive?
While carbon fiber is now more accessible, it is still by no means a cheap commodity. The production line requires a laboratory like environment and each mould layup needs careful examination and expert skill in order to achieve a high quality finish. 

Someone told me it will reduce the signal strength on my phone?
Yes, this is a known occurrence. Due to the material properties of carbon fiber, it will resist the propagation of radiation. You will notice reduced signal strength, but it will not be completely blocked. Your phone will still be functional.

What if I'm not willing to compromise on signal strength?
There are two ways. Model 1 has been designed with openings so that the radio antennas are not hindered, it will have better signal reception compared to Model 2. 

Model 3 on the other hand, while maintaining the great look of carbon fiber, it is actually made from kevlar, a material commonly used in bullet proof vests. The material properties of kevlar does not impede radiation, at all. 

TLDR: Buy Model 3, it doesn't block radio signals :)

Ok, so how do I buy one?
Check out the catalogue page and pick a model!